Thursday, August 17, 2006

August 16

I woke up today realizing I have one more full day at home. I fixed my new phone, and got cleaned up. Ryan came and we went out to lunch with all the band kids at 12. They just got out of band camp. Godfather's buffets are yummy, and I really like those cinnamon pizzas. Too good.

After that I took Dan and his friend home, then went to see Clayton. I chilled while he got cleaned up and we headed over to say goodbye to Drew. Lol Oh Drew. We're both gonna miss the fun times with him. Clayton came back to my house and I helped him get his music on his Macbook after only...a frew problems lol.

After he left I went through all my packed stuff once more with my mom. Headed to dinner with gparents at Fridays. The Jack Daniel's sampler is the best!

To Mallorys for project runway and goodbyes. I'll miss Mallory and Clayton!! See you at Sufjan! And, I'll see Kristin tomorrow haha.

Me and Kelsey hung out then. Climed Ball and just talked alot. Too pretty up there, the stars were awesome. We said our goodbyes and it was sad. Too sad. I'll miss that girl.

G'night, tomorrow..I'll be at college!! WAHH!?


NaiveMelody6 said...

I'm glad I have over another month to come to grips with that whole college business.

Oh yeah, and it's bullshit that Alison got booted. Should've been Vincent.


in the words of the great chris carabba...

so long sweet summer