Wednesday, August 16, 2006

August 15

Last day downtown and it was celebrated by a visit from Allison and Kelsey for lunch! HeadWest subs are yummy.

Dad and I met my Mom and Sister at the Butler Cemetary for Ryan/Dan's grandpa funeral. I was pretty impressed with the service. I knew it'd be alot cooler to see the actual military burial than the church cermony. They did the whole taps thing, and the 5 gun salute. What always gets me at funerals, especially men's funerals, is when you see the old widow. She's so alone! And crying and frail. And all she wants is her man back, so she can cook for him and hug him. How can you not feel sad when the fold up the flag and hand it to the wife...JEeeeeze.

At home I checked out my new phone! I finally have real cell phone!

The rest of the nigh was spent in turmoil. My parents are seriously freaking out, I leave in 1 day now and they just can't comprehend it.

About 10, Kelsey was like, Hey come hangout. So I did and helped her with the new Macbook. Everyone's getting Macs now and it's way cool.

It's already Wed which means there's 1 more day left. Gah, this is so surreal. Im going to miss some people soso much.


Anonymous said...

Hey you, guess who. Love your flower pix. Congrats on the cell phone as well!

Dan said...