Tuesday, August 15, 2006

August 14

I was super tired this morning. Went home at 11 to lifeguard at 12. Got there and fixed dates with Barb and basically just sat around for 2 hours. I was finally like, There's no one here! Damnit I wanted to go home so bad. So it was my last day lifeguarding, I said my goodbyes to Barb and locked up for the last time. It felt good..and a bit weird I guess. Came home.

All afternoon I just chilled. I attempted to spray paint designs on cardboard like I saw this kid to on the internet, but that didn't quite work out well lol. It was fun tho. Cleaned that up, then I decided I better start packing things and getting shit together because I leave in like 2 days now. Wow.

After dinner my Mom offered to go to the stores with me to return stuff, just me and her. That was probably one of he last times we'll shop together like that for a while. Got the hellogoodbye DVD and a sweet MotionCity shirt. Found Kelsey and Allison at the Mall and invited them back to my house. Dan came over later. We exchanged our gifts, my jacket is kickass. All night we basically just hung out, I liked it.

Tomorrow meet Kelsey and Allison, maybe Dan for lunch. It's also my last day downtown.


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