Sunday, August 13, 2006

August 13

Woke up and had a quick breakfast before Tyler and his friend Carly came to jet skii about 11. We had mucho fun. She had never been on a jet ski before. We drove around for almost 2 hours then stopped back at my house for snacks and waited for Ryan on the boat. Ryan never showed with the boat, so we went looking for him only to find that the boat wasn't working. So we improvised, and since all the people Ryan invited didn't wish to come, we just tubed behind the jet ski.

Awesome times. They left about 3. Ryan hung out and had food with me and my family 'till about 5. When he left I had a shower and go to surf the internet for the first time in 2 days, it has been broken!

Ryan was like, I need company to go see Jake's band downtown. So I did, only to find Blacksheep in total chaos and his friend's band wasn't even gonna play till 10 and it was 7. So we left, haha. We were like, well we're already down at this part of town why don't we go to the fair? Kristin and Clayton we're supposed to come later.

The fair was..alright. I guess I'm not just a fair person. I mean, it's large and busting with people and the foods good, but I just can't get into the "fair spirit" I guess. The elephant ear I had was good tho. Yummy.

Kristin and Clayton weren't getting there and I guess Ryan needed to get home because he had to work way early tomorrow, so we left.

I really like this Weezer song Ryan plays in the car, track #3 on Make Believe. I think I'll get it. g'night

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