Sunday, August 13, 2006

August 12

(Yeah, sorry. Our internet is down)

Today I woke up worrying I had to work at 12, but I didn't. I talked to Kelsey and she reminded me I work at 4, not 12. Phew lol.

So Ryan just came over about 12 and was like, Ok we're have Taco Bell then playing tennis. I was like, ok cool. Haha. So got changed, went to his house for a sec, then met Kristin at TBell. It was yummmyyy. Tennis was fun too. We've only played like 2 this whole summer, last year we probably did it like every week just cause that's where we'd hang out. After tennis we went back to Kristins and she made us smoothies :]

Worked 4-7, got off early at 7. There was like no one there the entire time. Changed at Edgewood and then headed to Allison's Party, it was cool. Got to say goodbye to everyone and have pizza and play hide-n-go seek lol. Hey! College kids can do that.

After Allisons I headed to Carolyn's party, they had already finished swimming and we're just sitting around the fire talking when I arrived. We listened to music and had some of the pizza I brought from allisons. Left at 12.

Wow only 5 more days. Im gonna miss alot of people.


Alley said...

Hey! It was sardines, not hide and seek! *coughcoughliketheresanydifference

Ryan said...

That's right I kidnapped you.