Saturday, August 12, 2006

August 11

Kristin took this and I thought it was sweet:

Stayed downtown most of the day, it was actually really cool tho. Everyone was gone and we got to listen to music and watch videos. Sweetest job everrrrr.

Chilled and home, got things together, fixed my playlist, checked the speakers, loaded everything up and headed to Auburn around 6. Kelsey was already there, we set up all the food and decors. People starting showing up about 7.10. After about 18 people were there, we got in the pool around almost 8 I would say. Swam for a good hour or was freakin' COLD. Especially when you got out - fun times tho. Back downstairs we changed, and everyone was just waiting to rock out. The music seemed to go very well, everyone told me they had an awesome time. The music WAS kickass lol, I won't lie. Everyone just went crazy and had a good time.

Later me and Kelsey opened presents, then said our goodbyes and cleaned up the room. Didn't get home 'till 1. It's 2am now and Im freaking DEAD. But so excited for college cause I'm so going to some mad dance parties like..all the time. Haha


Carolyn said...

Haha!! yes! you put the one of me n phil up!
Can't wait til tonite!

I had so much fun at your party! [=

Alley said...

I'm such a dork
Your guys' party was superfantastic