Friday, August 11, 2006

August 10

1 week!

Downtown this morning, then lifeguarding got rained out! woot.

I sorta just chilled at home 'till dinner. It felt awesome. Im starting to think of what to bring, what not to bring. I also started working on my scrapbook thingy, got almost 10 pages down. Scrapbooking is the shit. haha

After dinner I thought I'd end up just staying home, but Kelsey called :]
We looked through the yearbook then roamed through Barnes and Noble. On the way home we took some pics behind Target, then got the idea to sneak into where that massive blue water tank is..we only had to climb 2 fences lol. There weren't any cameras or anything, but those lights that shine on the tank are SUPER bright - like you'll go blind if you look in them. We cast our shadows on that massive thing and found the ladder to go to the top, but it was locked. Damnit.

Tomorrow is Friday! And no Lifeguarding! And the party!

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