Tuesday, August 29, 2006

August 29

Last one was edited tonight.

It's cold and rainy out and I kinda like it - sweatshirts and jeans.

History @ 9
Lunch over at LAR @ 11
NAP @ 1
Physics @ 2

Did some homework, then hung out 'till dinner. Dinner at Allen tonight was so good!! Chicken pot pies! YUM.

Starcourse interview @ 7.15 Hopefully that works out. It'll be sweet to be able to go to all the shows for free and get free posters, and all the group parties/after parties. Way cool.

Hung out at the library with Evan. Messed around on photoshop and illustrator. I have learned some things! I need photoshop.

Sleep early tonight?


Kelsey said...

Ooo I like no.1

But you already posted no.2 lol

Mr. Blue Sky Photography said...

i knowww.

I reedited it in photoshop, so i put it up.

Ryan said...

The first one is cool. Nice blur effect on the second.

iMacs are freaking sexy.

Mallory said...

AHH Ryan! stop getting it on with your computer!