Wednesday, August 30, 2006

August 30

Couple more edited shots from NY.

Evan edited the second.

And that's my lamp!

Today was Econ, Psych, Lunch with Steph, then headed to History discussion.
It's really nice to just have classes in Allen.

I moved things around in my room today, I think I like it. My desk is just spun around, so my back faces the window. It gives me kind of my own little space back here.

Dinner was alright, but I made it amazing by making a waffle :D

Oh, and then it was open door night. Met alot of new people and got to show off my room, and I picked up some ideas for future decors. After that was the PR party. Yeah, we fit 12 people in here. haha.

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Alley said...

The lamp one is acid-trippy-cool