Friday, September 01, 2006

August 31

History @ 9
Physics @ 10am and 2pm
Lunch with Steph
Dinner with Krisitn

Hung out the rest of the day. I did some Psych notes, and submited my 2 homework questions for tomorrow. I was then bored for like 4 hours, I could've probably started next weeks homework/reading, but didn't. Maybe I can get some of that done this weekend? Doubt it.

Checked out the VMAs because I read the Killers were playing. And of course they were the last band to perform, so I had to sit through 3 hours of nonsense. I will say tho, that OkGo's treadmill action stole the show, along with the killers of course :D

After that I met up with Steph and her friend and we wandered through buildings and met up with some friends. Fun times.

Don't have class 'till 10 tomorrow, but it's already 1am..Damnit.




did you ever see the shot i took of that stage for the elation ep?

check out my april 29th pic

Mr. Blue Sky Photography said...

haha. it's the same picture

except your's is better exposed.