Saturday, September 02, 2006

September 1

Im laying in my bed. My bed, at home. It feels so nice

Today I had psych and an econd discussion before I headed home. I got somewhat lost trying to find the interstate, but eventually found it and got home. I was greeted with many hugs/kisses. It felt good to be home.

Chinese for dinner...YUM!

Erik came over and we picked up dan. Headed to Starbucks.

My neighbor janis, hired me to be their "designated driver" for the night. So I went to pick them up at the Yacht club and made it back to Starbucks by 9.30ish. We we're trying to find something to do, so Erik said we could all just chill back at his hosue. Maggie and Molly came, Clayton and Erin too a bit later. Oh and Erik's friend Brandon from MF. We also attempted to make a bonfire...but failed horribly haha.

Cool night.

I miss Allen!

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