Sunday, September 03, 2006

September 2

Felt awesome to sleep in, especially in my bed back at home.

Woke up to some cinnamon rolls and cuddling on the couch watching cooking shows.

Haircut @ 12.30. Finally got one, and it doesn't look totally horrible

Came home and had some chili for lunch, then layed out on the deck for couple hours trying to get some last summer sun.

Ribs for dinner, gparents and cake for desert w/ candles for my late bday!! I also got some sweet presents that I needed.

Bed comforter w/ pillow case, jeans, tshirt, and a totally cool blanket. I can see myself cuddling with it soon when it gets cold.

Hit some stores up with Clayton and Erin, then met everybody for Snakes on a Plane @ 10. TOTALLY AWESOME. Go see it now.

(I freed that bug from the web because he was still alive. I cleaned all the gunk off him and then he flew away. He was happy)


Kelsey said...

Ohh! I'm so glad you saved it!

Alley said...

^Me too!