Monday, August 21, 2006

August 20

Got to sleep in. Had lunch over at the other dorm, good waffles!

Hung out back at the dorm, then went shopping with friends. Picked up some things I needed, and got to just hang with everyone. Target, Meijers.

After that I was starving so hit up dinner with Kristin and roomate. After that got showered and did the blocparty.

Ran to the store with Evan and his friend, got to see his house..way cool. We stopped back at the blocparty for free pizza and then I invited people to come down. We all headed into town and ended up at this crazy house party. None of us really drank anything but it was fun to hang out there. Music..meeting people. I guess this is what you do in college.

Yeah..tomorrow is the "convocation" at 11.30, but I have to be up and ready at 10.30. I should sleep. g'night

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