Tuesday, August 22, 2006

August 21

Im 18!!

Freshman convocation today. Speeches and new friends. Oh, and a sweet physics demonstration by this physics prof that wears bowties. Oh, and free tshirts. We then walked to the stadium for free food and lots more people talking. The marching Illini came, and lots of other sports teams and clubs.

Walked back to Allen..pretty far lol.

Time for Dinner. Hung with Ross and guys from across the hall. Dinner was actually good. Friend chicken, mashed potatoes..soup :]

Hung out at my room. Then Virginia and Pauly and I headed to Evans. Checked out the house, picked up his friend at LAR, then made our way to green street area for this smoothie/bubble tea place. It was actually good. I broke my 50 :[

Headed to Sarah's apartment, then walked back to the quad. Decided to celebrate back at Allen with oreo cake.

Ice cream cake
<3 Coolest bday moment ever.

So, Im not a kid anymore? Weeeiiiirrd.

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Alley said...

I'm almost 19 lol