Thursday, August 24, 2006

August 23

Classes started today. Econ and Psych, then 4 hours of Photog?! The Econ and Psych don't seem like they'll be to bad, the Photog is's just weird being in class that long. Ah well, at least there is only 8 other people in my class. My Psych teacher also said we won't have to write papers..Woot!

After photog I chilled and had dinner. Then learned we had to go to this "Alcohol Prevention" meeting over on the quad, seemed like our whole dorm was there. It was a complete waste of time. Then we had to split into small groups and talk about what we just saw...are we in 8th grade? haha, seriously.

Hit up late night again over at ISR this time. Picked up a pizza then chilled across the hall in Danny's room at watched Se7en. Freakky.

Tomorrow is history then Anthro. Anthro is the class I'll probably drop, but who knows..maybe I'll walk in tomorrow and fall in love with it...But I dounbt it.

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coolness for #1