Sunday, August 27, 2006

August 26

Erin and Ryan came to visit! We crammed 4 people into my dorm room, and forgot to tell my roommate..oops!

Picked Erin up and we got some lunch, then ran some erands. We missed dinner by 8 min and were told to leave by some idiot.

Oh well, we had fun attempting to make Ramon noodles in the room, then ryan came! Michelle came over.

We all headed to Evans house, everyone had fun hanging out. Michelle and Ryan headed back to PAR for a while. Me, Erin, Ally, and Evan headed to Sarah's party. How d'you spell Luao? haha. It was fun none the less.

Then we got a call and headed to a dance party in urbana. It was so crazy cool. I had an awesome time. Ah, I wished Kelsey was there to see it. At one point, Le Tigre came on...and all the indie kids freaked out and I just laughed and went crazy too.

Tomorrow is Sunday. Sleeppppp

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