Monday, February 19, 2007

February 17

Tally Hall played at the Union tonight. I couldn't find anyone to go with me, but finally Ria said she'd go. We got there and had to sit through 2 really weird/semi-awful bands to get to Tally Hall. Haha, it brought back memories from Mississippi Nights in St. Louis when I saw OkGo. They were pretty good, def fun. At one point they did some acoustic songs and came into the audience and made a "campfire circle" and sung in the middle. The best part of the set was 'Two Luv', how can you not love a song about MaryKate and Ashley?

After that me and Ria met up with everyone at a house way the hell in Champaign, Locust Street I think? It was really fun and things at one point got a little crazy. I met some new kids and it was fun to party with a semi-different crowd that usual. I sort got a little ILL later that night. Back at Allen I might have made a fool of myself in Gina's room but o well. Fun times.

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