Saturday, February 17, 2007

February 15

Class?! What's this?!

Yeah, back to classes today. 5 classes actually. But it was nice to get busy again. We learned Html in CS lab today, too bad it totally brought back memories of Myspace days. PWN. Math and Rhet were a snore and usual and in Advertising I was so glad I brought my computer along. That class is such a joke! Not tests, No homework. What's the point?

Oh well, Im done again with classes for the week. Haha. Class on Monday, no class Tuesday or Wednesday, class Thursday, no class Friday. THIS IS COLLEGE.

After dinner, Ria promised we could go sledding. SO WE DID. Oh man that hill is so far away. It was like -4 REGULAR temperature, not including the wind chill. Yea, we're crazy. We sadly didn't even make it to the hill. We had to turn back, so cold! We hit up PAR late night for some re-energizing then back to Allen. Ria, Paulina, Ian, and Matthew went.

When I got back I ran up to Caitlin's room to yell happy birthday because it was midnight, tomorrow is here bday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! After that I went and visited gina.

This weekend should be fun.

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