Saturday, February 17, 2007

February 14

Happy Valentines Day!


Woke up early to finish up some Valentines, then took a shower and got dressed. Packed all the goodies in my backpack along with some flowers and distributed them around Allen before heading to lunch. I think Gina liked hers, definitely. I gave Caitlin and Karens to them last night at midnight. I slipped Virginia's onto her desk when she wasn't in the room, along with Stephanies. Paulina also got a surprise. Ria was sadly in the room!

After lunch, no clue what to do! Everything is finished up. Hung out in my room, visited friends. The Math exam I was supposed to have today got pushed back to next Monday, NICE. At dinner we all chatted and had fun.

Later I SO wanted to go sledding or just spend some time in the snow, cause I hadn't yet! I convinced Ria to go. We hit up Busey late night first, and then walked her friend Lindsay back to Bromley. I am so totally glad I didn't live there. On the way back we SHRED it up, haha. We "borrowed" some trays from the dinning hall and used them almost as skateboards. We would throw them and then jump on them and try to slide. And then if we found some massive snow pile made by the plows, we'd scream and run to the top of it and slide down. When we got back to allen we were totally exhausted, but I got online and Ian was like, DOOODE I WANNA GO I KNOW OF A TTLY SWEET SPOT. And of course I couldn't resist, so I went back out, Ria too. We hit up Kranert and there was a sweet spot. "I don't even care."

Awesome times.

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