Sunday, February 25, 2007

February 23

Woke up late today at home. All afternoon I chilled and sort-of got some math homework accomplished. I talked to Dan and we decided that we would hang later after the basketball game. It seems that every time I got home, I end up at a high school basketball game on Friday night haha. Ohwell, I do get to see everybody and get out of the house.

I think Glenwood ended up winning the game vs. Southeast. It was a pretty boring game, the teams just went back and forth. Which is what they usually do, but I dunna. It didn't seem entertaining.

Afterwards I hung with Dan at his house. We watched 'The Departed'. Awesome movie! Bit long, but it's Scorsese. The acting was great along with the story. I feel good to have at least seen one of the nominated movies for the Oscars. Or is Little Miss Sunshine nominated? I forget.

Ah well, tomorrow's Sat. Night

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