Sunday, February 25, 2007

February 24

I woke up to pancakes and bacon this morning! Yummy!

After breakfast I lounged and watched TV for a while, but finally got up and took a shower and got some stuff done. I completed outlining my next paper for Rhet. I need an intro and some body paragraphs to discuss with my teacher by Tuesday at a "Conference". The paper is on men in advertising/pop culture and how they have become less of a group of onlookers, and more caring of how they look and appear, like the woman always have. Should be interesting i guess.

I got ahold of Dan later in the afternoon so we hung out and hit up some stores. Chatham has a new Goodwill which had a great stock of guys clothes, which is normally hard to find. I got 2 shirts. After that, we drove into Springfield and roamed BestBuy, Office Depot, and BarnesNoble. I had to be back home around 6.30 for dinner. Dan ended up coming with us to Gabatonis for pizza. AH I love that place. I think I have also been there every time I come home too.

Earlier tonight there was a dance at one of my friend's churches, some type of fundraiser for New Orleans or something - seems a bit late now? Anywho, Indecision played and then some mediocre dance music followed. I had fun with the kids and we showed people what was up.

After that I got ahold of Molly. I met her at Breadstreachers downtown. The show was over, but we were trying to find somewhere to go and hang out/do something. Erin called and she was going to go sit at Denny's. I told Molly to meet me there. When I got to Denny's I said hello to Erin and her friend Jo, we talked for about a half hour-ish? Good catch up time. Molly phoned and said she probably couldn't make it there.

Im in bed by midnight on a Sat night...when's the last time this happened?

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