Tuesday, February 27, 2007

February 25

Ah, it is Sunday. Time to go home. I woke up pretty late, almost noonish I think? I had some coffee cake and looked at the sunday ads - haven't done that in a while. I got a call from Ryan after that, he wanted to hang out for a bit and say goodbye I guess. (Oh and also fix something on this computer - that's probably what the reason was lol).

Anywho I went over to Ryans. I helped him with some Mac programs and introduced him to the amazing world of torrents. We didn't chill for that long, I had to be home at 2 for a late lunch with the grandparents. We said our gbyes and I headed home. Lunch was really really good. My Mom made this crazy asian orange chicken salad?! I dunno, but it tasted so good. My grandparents were also there and it was great to see them.

After lunch I packed my car and got it ready for the drive back to Champaign. I said my goodbyes and thankyous. I told my family I'd proabably be back home in 3 weeks...Spring Break! The drive back to the CU was alright, at times it seemed long and at times it went by fast.

Back at Allen I moved all my crap in and unloaded my car. Once everything was out I drove the car to the parking lot and made the long walk back. I got back a little late for 5 o'clock dinner, but in time enough. It was nice to see everyone and laugh.

For the rest of the night me and Virginia worked on submitting the MP2 then oscar party in my room! Haha, more like just me, V, and Caitlin. Great oscar year I thought, Ellen did good and all the movies seemed worthwile. Glad The Departed won, Gore got the Documentary and Seinfeld's bit was great too. Night.

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