Tuesday, February 27, 2007

February 26

Back to classes. Getting reading this morning was rough, I didn't sleep well last night at all. Probably a combination of being sick and not being used to the bed? I dunno. I'll catch up on that tonight I guess.

CS was yet again a joke. Then Virginia had to run by the Union to pick up something, so I walked back and waited for her to eat lunch. She gave a call about 12.20ish and I met her in the dinning hall. We ate with Alli and matt. Good laughter as usual.

Me and V took the bus all the way to the quad at 2. I think the first time we've done that, pretty conveinent I'd say! Math lecture at 2 was one of the first this year that I actually need to pay strong attention to, it was actually difficult. I don't really know if I totally understand it right now either. Hopefully questions will come up tomorrow in discussion.

Afternoon was chill until dinner. I collected ads for my Rhet paper in Caitlin's room. Dinner was alright, lasagna and salad? Then I worked on my Rhet paper until 24 at 8, then the Hills at 9, and finally DanceLife at 9.30. Whew. After all those shinanagins I sat down to realize my paper was shit. I rewrote it and I think Im happier with it now.

It's 12.30 and I think I got all my shit done finally. Time to sleep.

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