Wednesday, February 28, 2007

February 27

I think this was a good Tuesday. Class-filled, yes, but not in anyway annoying.

Econ went slow as usual however this morning. The class is still basically a joke. I don't think I have learned anything really. Hopefully that changes so he has something to test us on for the upcoming midterm. He let us out early if I believe. Me, V, and Brickman ate lunch right afterward, I think it was around 11ish?

Anyway lunch was so amazing! They had basically every dish here I love. Pulled pork, chicken fingers, onion rings, grilled cheese, tomato soup! Normally just one of those things makes up my lunch so I had an extremely difficult time trying to pick and FIT everything on my tray.

After math later I went to the conference with my Rhet teacher. No worries, everything went smoothly. We had to show him our progress on our upcoming paper on MEN IN ADVERTISING and then he was "supposed" to return our past paper. He said however, he stil hasn't finished mine. WTF. I want that paper back. He said hopefully by Thursday. YEA U BETTA.

Nothing exciting tonight, after dinner me and Kristin messed around and watched Idol while we "worked" on our ADV project. Mine's almost done. I will buckle down tomorrow and finish it up. Speaking of stuff to do tomorrow, I got a ton to do! Rewrite for Rhet + more pages, study for math, go to CS and get my exam, do laps with doode across hall. AHHH.

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