Wednesday, February 28, 2007

February 28

Last day of February and a great day to go along with it.

V picked me up this morning to walk to CS lecture. It was probably the first time we were both a little confused with the lesson, normally it's been soso easy. Hmm..should I read the book? The walk back to Allen sucked. I HATE rain - hate getting wet. It didn't really look like rain on the way there, so neither of us had an umbrella. Soaked for lunch!

Lunch was alright...crappy pizza?

Up 'till math lecture at 2 I got my ADV assignment almost complete. V picked me up again and we trecked to the quad for our 2 o'clock classes. She has Rhet I think, I go to math...they're right next door to eachother tho. Eh, math went okay. Each day we get into more complicated stuff, which is how it goes I guess. Quiz tomorrow too. GOTTA STUDY.

When I got back from Math it was nonstop homework 'till dinner. Finished up the ADV project, printed it. Then I typed like a feind on the Rhet paper. It almost got finished before dinner at 5. I took a break and sat at dinner for a while, at least until 5.45ish when I had to leave and get my coat to go to cs lab. I didn't stay, my TA is horrible. I just wanted my exam grade. ONLY MISSED 4 DOOODE.

Back from CS, I totally finished up a 4 page rough draft for peer workshop tomorrow. I am in the computer lab now. It's about 7.45. Im supposed to go swim laps with Danny across the hall at 8. I just printed my rough draft so Caitlin can look it over before I had something totally horrible tomorrow haha.

Here's to a good night hopefully, seeya.

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