Friday, February 23, 2007

February 22

Full day of classes today, plus I got sick again. BOO. 5 classes to be exact. First I hit Econ in Allen with Virginia and Brickman, then we eat a quick lunch. Afterwards, me and Virginia hop on the bus to the Business Quad for CSlab. Then we part ways and I wal towards the Union for Math, Rhet and then FINALLY advertising!

Advertising is really getting on my nerves. We have learned nothing. Nice credits tho, haha. I left early because as usual we weren't doing anything. I walked and got my car and then drove it to Allen and filled it up with stuff and drove home. Yea, this weekend is a home visit - I may go back on Sat, I guess it just depends what's going on Sat.

I got home right around dinner time. Chicken was cooking for dinner, but I desperately needed a haircut, so my Mom took me to get one up the road before dinner was ready. I am leaving it longer than usual, but the lady trimmed it a little and thinned it out. My hair is just so fucking thick, it needs to be thinned...ALOT.

After dinner I hung with Ryan. We talked and chilled, then tried to hang with Adam but he has a 8am class tomorrow. Boo. Instead we got a snack at Mcdonalds then raied Meijers. Some scrubs action when we got back.

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