Friday, February 23, 2007

February 21

Today was a pretty quiet day. Woke up late and went to CS with Virginia. The exam was last night and we both feel good about how we did. After the boring lecture on Excel, we headed back to Allen for lunch. About 1.40ish she appeared in my room to walk to the quad. It was such a nice day this afternoon! The sun was out, the snow is melting and we saw a bunch of people on the way there we knew.

After classes I did the usual "waste the afternoon until dinner" thing I have gotten into. It normally consists of watching the Food Network or downloading as much music as possible. Haha.

Dinner was alright, but still not as good as the Mardi Gras dinner last night. Today's Ash Wednesday and I have seen some people with the ashes on their forehead, even Gina. The rest of the night looks to be alright. Hopefully I can rest up for tomorrow, I feel I might be getting sick.

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