Wednesday, February 21, 2007

February 20

Woke up this morning and lazily walked into Econ. I still can't get over how much easier this Econ is, it's almost a joke compared to last semester. WowWW. Right after, me, Virginia, and Brickman hit up lunch. It was pretty good.

After lunch headed to classes at 1. Math went alright - we got out early, then Rhet got canceled. So I had nothing to do until 3.30 so I walked back to Allen and chilled until Advertising. Me and Kristin walked to Advertising a little before 3.30, it's so warm out! It feels awesome. The snow is melting so fast tho.

Adv is basically a joke aswell. I just bring my computer and talk to people/surf the web the entire time. After Adv it was time for dinner - MARDI GRAS DINNER. Ok this was probably the best dinning hall dinner of the year. They had steak and it tasted amazing! Guyz get the steak!

After dinner it was time to pack up, study a little for CS and head out. Me and V stopped by the music building to look at classrooms for her girl scout troupe, then trucked on over to the Business Quad for the CS exam. It was basically too easy, If I don't get an A+ I'm going to be pissed.

I didn't have much to do the rest of the night so I decided to go to some laps. I might try and make this a regular thing and get my stamina back up. Lets try!

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