Monday, February 19, 2007

February 19

I did it! Slept until 10.15ish. That is an incredible amount of sleep, almost 11 hours? It worked though, I feel 100% better today. CS this morning at 11 was yet again a joke. This class needs to pick up so I can actually learn something. Then me and Virginia hit up lunch. It was pretty good - chicken tenders with honey mustard!

Math exam at 2, but me and Virginia headed out early to see if we could find any Chief paraphernalia on sale since it is OUT. Recently the board of execs or something crushed under pressure from the NCAA and retired the Chief. 80 year tradition out the window. Was it really even that offensive? It is not like we are making fun of him or the dance - people honor it. WHO KNOWS.

The math exam..o man. A bit tricky. I didn't know how to do one question and some of the others I am a little uneasy about. Hopefully it is not a disaster. I am not too worried though. All my classes are easy except for Math.

Video games all afternoon with Ian up to dinner. Tonight I plan to watch '24' at 8 with Gina, then the normal gathering of friends to watch 'The Hills' and 'Dance Life' at 9.

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