Monday, May 08, 2006

May 8

Stayed after school to make up band again. I think I have, what, like 4 more? lol..

Came home checked out all the recent game news. Had some dinner. Chicken and dumplins?! YUM!

Headed to jazz band unable to watch the Sony conference live. Ah well. I'm glad I didn't see it now anyway. Jazz was fine. Me and phil took cool pics outside and inside. After it was over I headed home. I listened to the Killers in the car...I hadn't for a while and it was amazing.

My dad looked over my term paper once more, I talked to more friends online, and just messed around till 11. Didn't really have any hw.

Tomorrow is 1/2 day and Nintendo's day to shine. Hellz yes., I admit the gamer inside has come out. It's E3!!



i like the symmetry(sp?) in the first one

noxious said...

I like the third one.

And you're truly a gamer at heart.