Sunday, May 07, 2006

May 7

Another day of work in the yard. We're redoing the deck on the south side of our house. It's all old and grey. So last week we pulled all the boards off, this week we had to sand it down, take out all the old nails, and start screwing down new boards. Not easy work my friend.

I was glad when 3.30 came cause I could go get a bit cleaned up for Jake and Nick to come jam. We messed around, playing some blues tunes and such. At the end Nick started telling us these crazy ass stories. I tried hard not to crack up. Lol, it was intense.

After they left I finally got cleaned up and got to eat some Tbell. 'twas good. Took some pictures, played video games, watched TV. Oh, and had my Mom edit my term paper. Kelsey needs to read it over tomorrow for me :]

Noww....I'll go to bed in an hour or so. Another week of school, BUT 1/2 day Tuesday with the event happening. I'm excited.

Last pic is from the other week. Fans.


noxious said...

I really like the third one.

Omgzzz KoolAid is so good.

Dan said...

The Event.

NaiveMelody6 said...

#1 is sweet because of the different textures and the gritty feel.

#3 is sweet too and it reminds me of an infirmary.

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