Sunday, May 21, 2006

May 21

Art Fair downtown today. Met up with Erik and Casey. I hadn't seen Casey in a while and it was cool to hang. I work with Erik at the pool, well not often, but we work at the same place.

We wandered around, saw awesome photography booths, took them inside the Archives, got inside the capital to see Kristin's artwork. I was there!!

After a while Erik needed a ride to his house out by Washington Park, so I drove him there, Casey came along. Took Casey back, then Mom called and had me pick up some yarn for her at her friends house.

When I got home I layed on the deck with my iPod and fell asleep. It felt so good.

Dinner at gramps with cousins later. Rest of the night will be spent trying to study for French exam on wed. I'm so screwed.