Monday, May 22, 2006

May 22

Band - Nothing
French - Exam on Wed.
Humanities - Nothing
World Affairs - Paper
Rhet - Paper
Photog - Nothing
Gov - Opinion Questions

After school Kristin, Clayton, Ryan and I played some tennis out at UIS. Summer is so close.

Dinner with Mom and dad's in Chicago.

Rest of the night has been spent messin' around on the computer and listening to music. I need to look at french soon.


Line by line,
everything changes.
Markers light up,
then dissapear behind.
Through curves and bends,
through life and lies,
passing the bright and the black,
speeding up and slowing,
this machine takes us.
Just an object in space,
assembled by odd parts,
combined with heat and cold,
traveling from place to place.
Without knowledge or soul,
it takes us to our desires.
Seeing the world pass by,
no recalection or need.
Insignificant points in space,
some given importance, others not.
Signs, lights, bumps, and voice.
This small little transport,
taking us to and from the next memory.
The earth a combination of pieces,
broken ideas, hopes, and loves.
Aging within, going grey,
it is still with us.
A tiny architecture of bolts and metal,
giving our life movement,
to which we never acknowledge.


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