Sunday, May 21, 2006

May 20

This morning me and Kelsey had a meeting at Edgewood for lifeguarding this summer. We got to see Barb. Omg, she's so crazy. Found out I don't really work that often, except for one week when both Austin and Kelsey are gone.

Afterwards we went shopping for the gift. We found what we needed. In the process we played guitar hero, got pizza slices, got bitched at by a lady in borders, had a slight panic attack, and spent most of our money. was fun.

Got back home around 4. Messed around online and talked with family until my neighbors came over for dinner. I got into a heated debate with my neighbor's boyfriend about JFK assassination. He just couldn't grasp the facts.

Clayton's party around 8. It was really fun, lots of foods and friends. There were a couple games of hide and go seek. In one, we couldn't find Nathan for almost 30 min. It was def a challenge.

Tomorrow I have no idea what's going on. Maybe I should look at French? Nah lol.

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noxious said...

lol omg I'm dying in that picture. You caught that one by luck.