Saturday, May 20, 2006

May 19

After school Dan came home with me. We messed around and discussed plans for later on.

Dinner was served, but soon I got a call from Clayton warning me the tickets for the DaVini Code tonight were getting sold out. So we decided to get dan and head into town, get our tickets, waste some time, then see the movie.

So Dan got dropped off, we picked up clayton and headed to the theater. We bought our tix for the 10pm show. We wasted our time in Best Buy, BN, and the mall. We found some crazy ass lady in BN with huge gashes on the back of her ankles. She preached jesus' name and soon we were frightened.

The movie started at 10 but most everyone got there around 9.15. It was packed.

Amid the controversy, I LIKED IT. It worked for me. It was no masterpiece but it deserves credit. The soundtrack was beautiful and I liked Hanks. Changes from the book were fine. Enough was already included, the movie could've been shortened by 30 min.

Tomorrow is job meeting with Barb down at Edgewood. OH Barb.


noxious said...

Ah! I very much enjoy that photograph.

Anonymous said...

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