Sunday, May 28, 2006

May 27

This morning I helped my Mom type up little invites to my graduation brunch for family. We used her typerwriter. It's amazing! I want to use it more often. The little clicking sound it makes and the clean text. It's much more stimulating then the PC.

Anyway, I lounged around and did a little work outside until first day of work 4-8. It went well. The usual cool kids were there, the nasty adults, and the annoying kids. Towards the end of the day there was a MASSIVE party in the clubhouse and
people were speawing out of the building to lounge about the pool. I think it was my radio and the tunes that attracted them. :]

Dinner at Galena's Pizza with the Scannura's. Then me and Ryan went over to Kristin's, but she had gone out with others. We waited around a bit, but soon we just went back to my house and watched the last half of Saving Private Ryan. That movie is seriously astonishing. I don't understand how Spielberg filmed half of those scenes. He never cuts! And he uses some filter or increased contrast, w/e it is the frame is so crisp. It's only blurring when he wants it to be.

Now it's super late and I have a headache.

The pic today was what some would call a miracle, other's a sign, me? A sweet photo opportunity!

Oh, and here's some more from last night.


Carolyn V said...

sweeeeeeeeet 1st picture!!!

NaiveMelody6 said...

Yeah, the first picture is great photography!

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