Monday, May 29, 2006

May 28

Lesley's grad party this afternoon. It started at 1. I arrived a bit after that and hung with friends and ate all the good foods that were there. Im starting to realize that grad parties are sorta..boring lol. And with like the 15 parties I have to go to coming up, I might just stay for a little bit lol.

After the party I took it easy at home. My head was hurting and I was super tired.

Dinner at gramps with aunts and uncles.

I was gonna meet friends at B/N, but they called at said it was closed. So I just met them after we got home. At Kristins we took a walk and watched some discovery channel HD show about the mystery of these 100 seals being killed. It was a shark.

We also enjoyed an episiode of Talk Sex with Sue. She's the Canadian god.

Older pic.


noxious said...

We haven't hung out in like 5 weeks. Keep an eye out for an opening for me!

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