Saturday, May 27, 2006

May 26

We met at the school at 11. I checked my French grade, I got a freaking 88%!! I was so excited lol. We all got Subway then headed to the Wildlife Sanctuary and had a hardcore picnic.

Grad practice at 12.45 is was so boringgg. Why did they have to read everyone's name? Lol, you'd think after the first 5 we'd understand how to do it.

Dinner with grandparents at Dublin Pub. Horseshoes yuM!!

Trivia night at the school at 7. Our team consisted of Me, Kristin, Clayton, and help from Mr. Bandy hehe.

I left a bit early towards the end. I picked up Dan and we rushed downtown to catch Indecision. It's our friends band. They always sound cool live and we try to attend to help out. Normally I take pics for them, i'll include some!

Tomorrow it is offically summer because work starts at the pool. It seems like just yesterday I was there lifeguarding, now there's a whole new summer. Fun Fun Fun.

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noxious said...

Brandon looks odd in that photo lol.

Nice work, Victor.