Wednesday, May 24, 2006

May 24

One final today, AP French.

I got to sleep in a bit. I had some cereal and orange juice, then looked over my verbs for about 20 minutes before leaving for the school.

The final went...err, alright. I did alot of guessing. It makes me mad that I'm in French 4 and know like, nothing. We had to write a page in French, speak to her out in the hallway, listen to fast speaking audio tapes and answer questions about what they said. I didn't finish, but the teacher said I could come back in an hour and do so. So I did, finished it up, and took one last look in the classroom and left.

At home I had some food, then layed out on the deck and listened to my iPod. I was awoken by my Mom around 3 asking me if I had work, I was like, "WOAH yeah! I g2g." Today was my last day working at the indoor pool in town. This weekend I move to Edgewood in Auburn.

Tonight I took it easy. Downloaded some tunes, cleaned out my room and packed up my iPod to ship to Apple. It's time they fixed it.

Oh, and now I'm in love with this woman. Well, herself in the 60's.

And these are today's pictures...pretty obscure, but enjoy.


noxious said...

Ah! Je les aime beaucoup.

Mallory said...

Audrey pwns everything!

NaiveMelody6 said...

Audrey Tautou > Audrey Hepburn

Wait Until Dark was fricken' good though.