Friday, May 12, 2006

May 11

Ok, didn't have a chance to post these shots yesterday cause we got home from OkGo around 1am, but here's a recap and some pics.

We left around 5ish. Got down to Mississippi nights around 6.30. Waited in the line outside till 7 when the doors opened. Then we had an hour to chill, so we bought some merch and met people. The opening band Tally Hall was KICKASS. Like, nothing I've ever heard before - very unique sound. I liked it alot. Second band was The Lashes. I think they just tried too hard. The guitar sounded awesome, but only because it overpowering everything else. The crowd couldn't hear the vocals at all. The Lashes have one good song I like, and it was cool cause they played it.

Ok, so they set up the stage for Okgo and they soon emerged. The crowd went crazy. Now first of all, this band has seriously THE best clothes. I mean, I want to know where they shop for those suits and shirts. Freakin' cool as hell. Anyway, they sounded amazing..blew away the opening bands. They sound so clean and polished. They even do coordinated moves on stage, something Franz does too but it's always cool.

Oh, and the crowd was lame in the beginning. So me and my friends went insane and got everyone going. Yup.

The setlist, uhmm. I forget the order, but here's what I remember.

No Sign of Life
Let it Rain
Crash the Party
It's A Disaster
Oh, Lately it's so Quiet
You're so Damn Hot
2 covers! Electric Light Orchestra and Talking heads!
Do What You Wannt
Here it Goes Again
Good Idea at the Time
(And one or two others from their first cd that I can't name)

Overall it was kickass. Def worth seeing them again. Would I go again? Hell yes.

Tally Hall!

The Lashes!

Ok GO!


noxious said...

Very nice. The lights made good colors, no?

Carolyn V said...

I'm so jealous of you! =]

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