Saturday, May 13, 2006

May 12

This morning sucked because I had early jazz band, when I didn't get back from OkGo until like 1am.

After school made up for band again. Lol, now that Mr. Jones is actually enforcing the rule for me he has to make others make-up as well. So me and all my friends just played some music together for 35min. Then got the hell outa there.

Becca Koe's graduation party was at 5. Didn't get there until 6.15. It was fun. People like Steve E. was there. We got good food and a big tv to play some mad video games. Halo and then Super Smash Bros. Clayton came later, but he got to use his star character peach with her "trix and magixs". Lol.

Me and Kristin left early and decided to go through Wal-Mart and Barnes and Noble. Seriously, there are some nasty people in walmart. We found these sweet sunglasses but didn't get them. However she found Clayton the. coolest. present. ever. You'll have to wait and see. We met up with Mallory at Barnes and Noble, but didn't stay long. Ryan came over to Kristin's house and we all watched some of Donnie Darko again. We gotta do a presentation on it on Tues!

Shot from a light at kristin's house. Sorry for the lame attempt, but I hadn't uploaded the Ok Go pics until just today, so I did 2 updates in a row.

Tomorrow's the Jazz Band Dance. Last one ever.

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