Sunday, May 14, 2006

May 13

Today I had to be at the school around 9am to help set up for the Jazz Dance. It was hella boring and I really didn't do anything. People were just sitting around so I went home around 10.15.

After lunch Kelsey and Steve came over to watch the press conference and just hang out. We played like a thousand games of Super Smash Bros. But we had to stop because kelsey was starting to get diseased or something. lol

Got to school at 6.30 for the Jazz Band Dance. High school band and middle school band rotated. I played about 10 songs, lasted from 7-10pm. Afterwards we all headed to Steak and Shake. It was fun. Me and Kristin split a milkshake, but we soon caught eye of all these foods comin' our way, so we decided we needed some food. I guess we found some Sonic coupons so we headed there, but it was closed. Mallory dropped stuff off at her sisters apartment, got me back to my car and i got home.

It was a fun saturday.

None of the pics I took turned out, but this one my sister took of the band tonight was good. You can see me, but I have my mouth open lol.


noxious said...

I wasn't diseased.. I was just lightheaded lol. My eyes can't keep up with that crazy shit!

And good job playing. It was fun dancing!

Carolyn V said...


That pic is really good of you!

Last Jazz Band Dance ever tho... :[
It was so much fun dancing!

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