Sunday, May 14, 2006

May 14

Was woken up around 10am by my sister telling me my grandparents were coming over for breakfast. It was a good breakfast. After that I found a movie on our cable box that was acutally worth watching, "The Butterfly Effect". I had never seen it before, it was pretty mediocre, but I liked the idea behind it. Sometimes you wonder if you can go back and change things.

I got cleand up slowly and got to Kristin's so we could work on our Donnie Darko presentation. We picked scenes and discussed how we were gonna go about presenting it. Had to leave bit before 5 for Mother's Day dinner. My cousins still annoy me to no end, so I find a quiet place and stay away from everyone.

Tonight I got my notecards ready for the debate tomorrow in Rhet. about "Intervetnion In Africa". I'm pro. It's such a joke class. I doubt anyone actually prepaired for it besides me. Also tonight, typed up a rough of DD handout for Humanities.

Last week of high school. I can't believe it went so fast. It was a good 4 years tho.


noxious said...

Very cool pictures today.

And I have never looked forward to summer to much.

noxious said...

*so much

NaiveMelody6 said...

#2 is really nice. Super creepy -- like from The Ring or something. My friend's bathroom looks a lot like that pic also.

Dan said...

wow that makes me think of the RING!