Wednesday, May 31, 2006

May 30

Kelsey and I worked together today. She was to sit at the "table" and I to lifeguard, but we switched it up, taking turns on the chair. The day was hot and lots of people were there - mostly Moms with their excited children. It got somewhat annoying after beiong there three hours, but we finished it up by 4. We were able to take some breaks down in the Clubhouse and we got snacks and chatted.

She drove us back to her house, but first we stopped by Steve Eades house and I got my Super Smash Bors. game back, the one I thought I lost. I was pretty happy because I was starting to consider going out and getting another. Super Smash Bros. is like the only game worth having for parties because everyone has fun at it.

Went to her house, she got cleaned up and I waited. She then followed me to my house where I got cleaned up. I got a call from Ryan, he wanted to head to a thrift store. I said I was up for it and me and Kelsey drove over to his house. Clayton came as well. We all got in Ryan's car and headed into town.

-Returned TransAmerica
-Looked around at Circuit City and picked up Doom 3 for $10
-Salvation Army was closed, but Goodwill wasn't. Ryan bought stuff.

He took us all back, and I got home just in time for dinner.

Kelsey came back later, and Dan came over around 9 once he got home from work. We watched The Squid and the Whale. Yeah, I watched it again, but I wanted to and they hadn't seen it yet; Dan left early last night and didn't catch the second movie.

After watching it again I do understand the theme of the movie. Kelsey thought it was depressing and Dan just kept wondering why the Squied wasn't real. *Slaps forehead* After they left I played some Doom 3. It's pretty cool..kinda hard too.

CHRIST this entry is long. Oops lol. Now I'm in bed and here are the pics for today.


Dan said...

i thought it was real............>_<

noxious said...

Fun day!