Thursday, June 01, 2006

May 31

Got up early to go pick up my report card with my sister. I got all A's and one B!

Haircut at 10.30, but she was running late and we didn't start until around 11.

Dan came around noon or a little after. He helped me take my Chem placement test for UofI. That beast was hard..but I wouldn't done so horrible is Dan wasn't there. lol Thanks Dan!

Doom 3 and food consumed the rest of my afternoon until I got ready for work at 3. Left at 3.30. It was thundering and raining, but Barb said it wasn't in Auburn. But of course when I was about 1/2 the way there I got the call and said I didn't need to come and I could turn around.

Ate dinner at grandparents and had to hang out there for a while.

Now I'm yet again laying in bed and will probably chat on AIM until 1am. G'night.

From the other day:


Dan said...

i suck at chem

Carolyn v said...

You took that when you were DRIVING?!

Eyes on the road mister!


Anonymous said...

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