Monday, January 08, 2007

January 7

Homemade waffles this morning. The only bad thing about weekend breakfasts is the fact they're pretty early, and I usually have to be nudged out of bed. Oh well, maybe I'll get to bed at a decent hour tonight - nope! It's 2am.

After breakfast I got cleaned up and dressed, then just chilled. Kelsey called and she wanted to return some books, and I needed a book, so we hit the store. I picked up the Marie Antoinette book with one of the hundred giftcards in my wallet. I swear, I've never had so's bulging. I need to get rid of some or stash them somewhere. This BN card I discovered must be 2 years old. Haha, good thing they don't loose money.

We made a short stop at Best Buy to look at Dvds and CDs. I would've picked up Snakes on a plane but it cost 25 bucks. Damn, new movies are super expensive unless you buy them the week they come out. Cheapest place to get them is normally Wal-Mart can't go there. IT'S BAD! I did however, pick up a 'Best of New Order' CD. New Order is my new favorite band thanks to the Antoinette movie last week.

Well we were just going to drive home, but it was drizzling out and kind of cold, so we thought it'd be cool to just rent a movie and chill. I remembered Kelsey telling me she hadn't seen all the Indiana Jones movies and I flipped. These film are necessary for a complete childhood. So we picked up 2 and 3. We watched 2 back at my house, 'Temple of Doom'. Classic adventure movie, too cool.

Dinner with grandparents and then a cake for my sister's birthday. It's actually Tuesday the 9th, but it's Sunday and we normally always have dinner with the grandparents then. Angel-food cake is pretty yummy. I gave Kelsey and Clayton a call, I thought we should all get together and do something. It ended up being just us three. We made a quick run to Starbucks, then we thought it necessary to show Clayton the motocross jumps we discovered out in the country. Haha it's so much fun. Back at his house we had some left over pizza and watched 'Rosemary's Baby'. Today's scary movies need to learn something from classic horror films. Im glad I saw it, good movie.

Tomorrow Caitlin and Karen come to visit from CHItown!

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