Sunday, January 07, 2007

January 6

My Mom got a little mad this morning. She banged on my door at noon because I guess I was still asleep. Oops. I grabbed some cereal about 12.15 and then watched tv and got online. 'The Parent Trap' was on, the newer one, the one with Lindsay Lohan. Is it bad if I like that movie? I mean come on, how can anyone not? It's done really well. I think it beats the older version. For sure.

Talked to Kelsey. She planned to meet at my house by 2.30. I hurried and showered and got lunch before she came. Kelsey arrived just as I was finishing a sandwich with my Mom and sister. We all chatted for a bit. We retreated to my room to fill her ipod with some of those amazingly awesome Marie Antoinette tunes I got yesterday. By 3.15ish my Mom had taken my sister out to meet my neighbor to go shopping. We grabbed our cameras and headed out. Decided to just walk down the bike path. We parked out by Woodside road. The walk felt long, but in the end it wasn't that bad. Had fun and got some good pictures. We only walked to the bridge and back, but it was worth it - went out on the railroad bridge, then walked back as the sunset.

Back at my house we hung out for a bit, then Kelsey left to have dinner. I cooked up some bagel bites with my Mom and watched TV. She had to go pickup Christin from a movie with her friends at 7.45, so I decided to go hang with Daniel since he's stuck at home...poor kid. We played games and then Becca K. came over later to watch a movie with us. Fun times.

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