Saturday, January 06, 2007

January 5

I got the chance to catch up on a lot of sleep this morning. All those car rides kind of tire you out. My parents left to go stack up on groceries, so I slowly got out of bed around 11. I tried to make myself some eggs, but it went horribly wrong. I think I cooked them too long - it all turned really brown and hard. EW - I had to throw them out.

The rest of the day was completely eventless and chill. I listened and downloaded a lot of music. The Marie Antoinette movie last night was so brilliant that I definitely had to download some of the soundtrack. That soundtrack made that movie. New favorite song, "Ceremony" by New Order.

I got called in from playing drums for dinner around 5. I was still in my pjs and wondering what I was going to do tonight. My mom mentioned the high school basketball game. I guess we were playing our big rival, the big private school SHG. I talked to Ryan and he was wanting to go too. So after a shower and some clothes, he picked me up. I gave Kristin a call, and she was also interested in coming and hanging out, so we picked up her too. The game was alright. Glenwood ended up winning (Yay). It feels weird to go back to highschool. All the stupid crap you used to worry about just doesn't matter anymore. Everyone seems so little. Sometimes I wish you could go back as a senior for just a week or so, and with what I know'd be a blast.

After the game, and after visiting with some of the old band kids for little, we went back to Ryan's house. He wanted to give Kristin her present and we checked out some movie times. We thought about seeing 'Children of Men' but the new theater raised their prices to $8 a ticket, and us Midwestern kids find that awfully expensive, so we decided on the dollar theater. 'Saw III' had a showing after 10, so we hit that. On the way there we picked up Clayton. He was ready and dressed. I guess he would've came to the game with us from the start but he wasn't ready. This was the first saw movie I have seen...and I wasn't impressed.

Ryan dropped us all off after the movie. Tomorrow might be fun - details soon!

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