Friday, January 05, 2007

January 4

Woke up this morning from the couch and threw some clothes on. I was not looking forward to the long drive home, nor being cooped up in that car the entire day. We had a little breakfast, some donuts, juice, and fruit, and then packed the car and said our goodbyes. It felt a little different saying goodbye to the grandparents. They're getting old and both of them have been in and out of the hospital. Makes me wonder if that was the last time I will have seen them. Mhhpz hope not. I'm not ready for those things yet.

The ride back felt long. Probably for two reasons. One, my sister was watching continuous episodes of 'The Gilmore Girls'. Teenage girls and that show is a dangerous combination. I think my sister has had to buy all the seasons on DVD. Too say the least, she's obsessed. And two, I agreed to watch 'Talladega Nights' with my sister. I saw the humor in it, but I couldn't take it. Some parts made me laugh but the overall movie just didn't do it for me.

Then I slept for the rest of the ride and listened to music. Finally I got a nudge about 5pm that we were at the say the least I was happy. Finally get to unpack, see friends, and sleep in my own bed. And well that's what I did tonight!

After I unpacked I got cleaned up and talked to Kelsey. We discovered that Marie Antoinette is finally playing at the dollar theatre, only a month before it comes to video. Both of us had been dying to see it and missed a chance to see it when it came out normally. To say the least the movie was absolutely brilliant. The colors, the shots, the costumes, the MUSIC. I loved it all. Sophia Cuppola is so amazing...god. Someday I'll meet her.

Once the movie got out we gave Daniel a quick phone call and told him we'd come and visit. He just got back from California visiting family and snowboarding. But he also did something else there...break his back! He's okay, nothing is paralyzed..but I feel so bad for him! Poor Daniel. He has to wear a big brace around his mid-section. When we got to his house we went downstairs to find him playing video games. We chatted and laughed. It was good to see him, hopefully get to see more over break...still 10 days left.

Other than that, me and Kelsey got a snack from McDonalds then hung at my house. Things are good.

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