Wednesday, January 10, 2007

January 8

Today Caitlin and Karen came to visit from the suburbs up north. I was expecting them sometime in the afternoon, so by 3ish I was ready and dressed. I watched TV and chilled until I got a call about 3.30, they said they would be here at 4.30. They were on time! Right around that time I got a call from them saying they were right by the driveway. Soon I saw them pulling in and I ran out to greet them.

We all gave hugs and said hello. I showed them through my house. After the tour we drove over to meet with Clayton. I drove and they followed so we could leave their car at Clayton's tonight, since they want to spend one night with Clayton and one with me. We moved their stuff into the house then hopped in the car and headed downtown to explore and have dinner.

Downtown was pretty fun, and it seemed alive since it was rush hour. We parked by the Lincoln Museum and then walked south toward sixth street and the Old Capital. We were all laughing and smiling, taking lots of pictures. For dinner Cafe Brio seemed like a cool place, pretty modern and urban, so we went there. The food was good and I think we all liked it. After dinner we walked around a little more, then took an elevator to the top of the Hilton. We walked into the Jazz Lounge and looked out the big slanted windows and the city below. I was pretty impressed. I've never seen Springfield from above like that at night. It looked just like a thriving city.

After our adventures downtown, we made it back to my car and then drove to the west end. We explored the mall and some shops. After a while we made it back to Claytons and chilled for the rest of the night. Kelsey and Nathan visited with us. We shared stories, ate food, and attempted to watch some movie but it didn't really work.

I spent the night with them up in Clayton's room. Slumber party!

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